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People!! Awaken!!
The dictator and his minions are destroying this country
We are living like animals under their tyranny
I have been taught to idolize Kim, his father and grandfather from early childhood and believed our nation's
communist regime is the greatest of all.

But as I worked as a logger in Russia to earn foreign currency, I have heard news from around the world and experienced freedom and realized the truth of Kim and his group
They have blocked the inflow of outside information, force feed ideology education and will send you to prison
camp or execute you if you disobey
Also, aside from a few Labor Party leaders, all residents are exploited of labor, struggle with starvation and
end their life in misery.

A wise leader in their right mind should not focus on launching nukes and missiles but focus on politics for the people
This nation does not have a future as long as
Kim and his group is governing
We have been deceived for 70 years but no more

People! Ousting these men are our right and obligation
Let us defeat Kim and build up a liberal
democratic nation ourselves
Stand up! And gather at the square!


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